The Harvest Club

Contact Management System

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The Harvest Club

The Harvest Club software is a contact management system designed for The Harvest Club by a group of students in IN4MATX 117 at UC, Irvine. It is a web application front end for their database backend.

The system is designed to allow the staff and volunteers of The Harvest Club to register new growers, harvesters, trees, distribution sites, etc. Events can be scheduled and emails are automatically sent out to the invited parties.

This has allowed The Harvest Club staff to finally move away from Excel, Google Contacts, and email clients because this software can do all of that and more.



You will need to create a file called include/ and define some constants in there. Here is an example:

define('PAGE_TITLE', 'The Harvest Club');
define('PAGE_QUOTE', 'Share the Bounty');

define('MYSQL_SERVER', 'localhost');
define('MYSQL_USER', 'nyan');
define('MYSQL_PASS', 'd4x9S0Pyo');
define('MYSQL_DB', 'harvest');

define('MAIL_FROM', '');
define('MAIL_TO', '');
define('MAIL_REPLYTO', '');

define('SESSION_MAX_LENGTH', 3600); // logout after inactive for x seconds


Look at issues to find out what you need to work on

Getting started with git

git clone
git add some-file.php
git commit -m "Added some-file.php that is used for something."
git push origin master

This will clone the repo. Then you add your file to the repo. Commit changes. Then you can push all your changes to github (origin) from your master branch.